4mm SCALE EXHIBITION LAYOUT - 23 Years - 1991-2014

Railways form a large part of what happens in the Museum of Transport.

At the far end of the site we have the Railway Gallery, where non-working locomotives and interesting items of rolling stock, including Gresley's 'Hush hush', an LMS garratt, the Deltic prototype, Great Western broad gauge loco 'North Star', an Isle of Man railway Beyer Peacock, a Listowel & Ballybunion monorail locomotive and carriage, the experimential Benny Railplane and a Liverpool Overhad Railway driving car. The Gallery contains a vast collection of railway signs and artefacts, signals and other railway 'hardware', plus models of locomotives in the various display cases.




From the Railway Gallery, you can take a ride in a Great Western railcar* to the other end of the site, traveling along the dock front and over the Bascule bridge and the swing bridge.  *(May be substituted)


At this end of the site, there are the two engine sheds, where the Museum's working locomotives live. The smaller shed is open for visitors to walk around, but the larger shed is restriced to guided tours only, as there are locomotives moving around in that area.  This is where much of the locomotive restoration work takes place.



The Turntable connects the two sheds, and is also used to turn locos when need be. When its not being used for 'serious' turning, it is operated continuously for the benefit of visitors.


Miniature Railway

The Miniature Railway runs around the site, and even over the Bascule Bridge, trains are mostly steam hauled, using one of the Museum's fleet of miniature engines.

 Number Name     
 1 Betty  0-6-0 tender engine. It is a good engine and one of the regular runners on trains of all sizes  
 2  Maxwell Garrett 0-6-0+0-6-0. Based loosely on the Welsh Highland Railway's K1  
 3  Little Blunder 0-6-0+0-6-0 Ffestiniog Railway style Fairlie double loco.
 4  Dot 0-6-0 saddle tank
 5  William  0-6-0 side tank loco.
 6  Druid DRUID is on loan from the Abbey Light Railway in Leeds, it is a rebuilt Simplex motor rail diesel and is the shed shunter
 7  Jubilee JUBILEE is the royal loco, it was painted all over gold for the queen's golden jubilee year in 2002, since being rebuilt, it has kept its distinctive colour scheme (although its more yellow now) and proudly flies the union flag from its smokebox door.  
 8   No.8 is the museum's passenger Bo-Bo Diesel, and works to relieve the steam locos.
 9  Trevor 2-6-4 side tank loco, built to resemble one of the Kitson locos of the Leek and Manifold Railway.
 10   American outline 2-6-0, complete with cowcatcher and a bogie tender. it is loosly based on Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway's number 24.